Thursday, June 9, 2011

Safari - Part I - Kabini

Hi ! Friends – Last month (May 2011) was quite busy in the sense that a lot of family functions were lined up and as you all know during these times, relatives meet after a long gap and naturally after the event is over generally we tend to spend whatever time left to get together and make the most of it.

So, this time too, we (me & my hubby) along with my cousin’s family planned a short trip to Kabini, Nagarhole and Coorg.

We just returned from this wonderful vacation and came back rejuvenated. We have always loved the nature and wild life. The greenery is amazing and the natural beauty of these places is something to cherish especially after a few showers.

In this post I would like to share the wild life that we spotted during our safaris (jeep as well as boat) in Kabini. We spotted so many birds that it is difficult to upload all the pictures.

We were greeted by this heavenly sight at the Kabini Jungle Lodges and Resorts.

Kabini-Elephant &baby
Mom & Baby  - I borrowed this picture from my husband 

Spot Billed Duck 1
Spot Billed Duck

Night Heron 1
Night Heron - Isn't he cute?

Kabini-Grey heron2
Grey Heron - Picture borrowed from my husband

Apart from these animals and birds, we also saw sloth bear (unfortunately no picture), Gaur (Indian Bison), wild boar, Ibis (both black as well as white), egrets (little  as well as great egret), Osprey (Migratory bird from Scotland), peacock, cormorants, kingfisher, painted stork, open billed stork etc.

 Watch out for the Part II of Safari at Nagarhole


  1. hey shobha,
    Glad u had a great trip. The snaps are beautiful, it's so sweet of u to share it with us :P
    missing ur lovely recipes :P

  2. nice pic of the elephants... :) and I do like your grey heron

  3. loved the and baby make a heavenly picture