Friday, October 2, 2015

Welcoming the new arrival in the family

Hello friends -  I am back but with a different topic. Its five months since my blog was in cold storage. No, I am not hibernating!  In fact I have never been so busy in my life. My cooking has taken a back seat for the moment and all my other interests like sewing, knitting, quilting which were lying dormant for several years are now taking centre stage and all this is because we have now become grandparents to a cute little princess. Now everything centres around the little one. She keeps us all on our toes the whole day and night long but her one little smile is all that is needed for our tiredness to vanish. All said and done, I am not complaining. I am just loving it!

Whenever time permitted, I managed to do some small baby quilts, a quilt cover, a comforter and also knitted some sweaters and booties and bonnets etc..

A few of them which I am displaying here :

Sweaters, bonnets and booties
Cap and shoes
The patchwork quilt with satin base
This quilt and the one above were made from the leftover wool
Small quilts made from left over cotton cloth


A tiny set of bedsheet with pillow cover 
Another set of bedsheet and a matching pillow cover
  This Bedsheet (normal single bed adult size) with motifs was made
 by my late mother
Cotton comforter
Comforter made with batting inside
A blanket cover
Blanket cover - one side printed cotton cloth and the other side I
attached a motif (made by my late mother) on a plain cotton cloth
with an opening on one side.

My joy knew no bounds when I was told by my daughter that my grand daughter slept for 7 hours without waking up at night ( she would wake up almost every hour otherwise) when she used the comforter ( the blue one I made above) for the first time.

I am experiencing the  joys of being a grandma. Currently I am making some bibs - small drool bibs as well some large ones (apron bibs).