Saturday, June 11, 2011

Safari - Part II – Nagarhole

Nagarhole is about 11/2 hours drive from Kabini. It is also a wild life Sanctuary. Here, it is said that the sighting of elephants is guaranteed. We were really lucky enough to sight five elephants (three on one side of the road and two on the other) late in the day. But our luck seem to have disappeared suddenly. Cause, at that precise moment, my camera displayed “Battery empty”. And as though this was not enough, my husband’s camera was displaying “use the flash” and he dare not use “the flash” as the elephants were pretty close (to our jeep) for comfort and the sudden use of flash may annoy them and they could come charging.

My husband somehow managed to click a Tusker (who was camera shy) a little earlier in the day.

I however, had to be satisfied with the pictures of flora on the following day after the batteries were recharged. Fortunately the place where we stayed (King’s Sanctuary) was fantastic with a lot of greenery and exotic plants and flowers. I am sharing these with you.

Nagarhole -Kings Sanctuary
The sight that greeted us when we entered the gates of King's Sanctuary

Nagarhole -Tusker
   Tusker - picture borrowed from my husband

Crested Serpent Eagle - Picture borrowed from my husband

Bird of Paradise
 Bird of Paradise
Heleconia ( Lobster claw)
Heliconia (Lobster Claw)


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