Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Recently during my casual visit to one of my neighbours, I was offered chocolates. Well, who can resist chocolates? At least not me ! I gladly took one and found them to be delicious. She then told me that they were home-made. After hearing that, I took another one and was keen to have the recipe. She apparently, got this recipe from her friend who got it from hers and so on and so forth.
Well to cut a long story short, I prepared it immediately and thought of sharing the same with you all. So here it is.
Raksha-Bandhan is fast approaching, this is a treat to all the brothers.
Happy Raksha-Bandhan day to you all.



Curd 1 cup
Sugar 2 cups
Wheat flour 1 cup
Butter 1 cup
Cocoa powder 3 tbsps
Vanilla essence 1 tsp


  1. Heat a non-stick pan.
  2. Add butter, wheat flour, curds and sugar in it and keeping the flame low, mix it well and stir the mixture from time to time so that no lumps are formed.
  3. When the mixture becomes semi-solid and leaves the sides of the pan, add vanilla essence and cocoa powder and keep stirring till the the whole mixture turns into a solid mass. This may take about an hour and a half.
  4. In the meantime, prepare a greased plate/tray and keep it aside.
  5. When the mixture hardens and turns into a solid mass, remove from flame, and place the contents on to the greased plate and immediately spread it as evenly as possible.
  6. Cut it into squares and allow it to cool in the plate.
  7. When completly cooled, separate each square and store them in air tight container.
Curd, butter, wheat flour and sugar being mixed together
The mixture being stirred to prevent any lumps being formed
Vanilla essence added
Cocoa powder added
A solid mass formed
Mixture spread evenly and cut into squares
Chocolates ready to be devoured!
Preparation time: 10 mins
Cooking time: 1hour 30 mins.
Makes: 56 pieces ( each pc. approx. 1.5inch square in size)

  • Can be kept for a month or two when stored in an air-tight container and refrigerated.
  • To make it more attractive, you can wrap them up individually in coloured /silver foil wrappers.
  • To enhance its taste, you can also add chopped nuts and raisins.
  • I have noticed that the colour of the cocoa lightens as the mixture hardens.
  • I greased a baking tray and also placed a greased butter paper for easy removal of the chocolate pieces when cooled.



  1. Wonderful Shobha! Thank you so much for sharing this treat well before the Rakshabandhan...an ideal gift indeed :)

  2. yummy tempting chocolates.Love to grab them.

  3. Awesome chocolate Shobha...neatly presented..thanks for the recipe.

  4. Love to finish that whole bowl rite now,irresistible and seriously tempting.

  5. innovative and nice recipe....following you would appreciate if you can follow me back and like my page on FB

  6. Chocolate barfi looks delicious. Yum !

  7. This looks really yumm!! A nice way to send serial down those little throats!!

  8. Hey Shobha. saw your recipe just now. and straight away made it !!! it turned out well. that is set well. now waiting to taste it.!!! thanks for the recipe. unique one. using curd!!!.

    1. Thank you Meenakshi for your feedback. I can assure you that it tastes good too.

  9. Have to try this, looks superb..