Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Vaali (Malabar Spinach) Stir Fry

Hello friends ! I just returned from a trip to Mangalore, Udupi and Katapady to attend "Moonji" (Thread Ceremony) and a wedding.
I think I must have put on some weight after gorging on those rich and yummy food that is served during these functions. And as though this was not enough, there was function in the temple too ! There was lunch prasadam everyday during our stay !

After our return, I decided to make simple dishes to compensate for the excess food that I indulged. So instead of making the usual "Vaali aambat" I decided to make this simple, tasty and healthy stir fry.

“ Vaali” as it is known in Konkani language is one of the favorite leafy vegetable of the “Amchis” (GSB community). In English it is known as "Malabar Spinach". 

Vaali Stir Fry Upkari
 Vaali Stir Fry


2 bunches
7-8 cloves
Dry red chilies
1-2 tsps
As per taste


  1. Wash and clean the “Vaali” or “Malabar Spinach” thoroughly in water. Separate the leaves from the stem.
  2. Pile each leaf one on top of the other and cut them into into four pieces. In this way chop all the leaves and keep aside.
  3. Cut the stems about two inches in length. Use only the tender stems.
  4. Heat a wok or kadai preferably non-stick. Add oil.
  5. When the oil is slightly hot, lower the flame. Crush the garlic cloves (do not remove the skin) and add them into the oil.
  6. When the garlic cloves turn slightly brown, roughly break the red chilies into two and add the same into the wok. Stir for awhile.
  7. Increase the flame and add the cut tender stems and continue stirring on a high flame till it is half cooked. Sprinkle a little water (with care) if it sticks to the wok/kadai.
  8. Now add the chopped leaves and stir fry them till they wilt. Add salt and stir fry till it is done which should take about 5-7 mins.
  9. Serve hot.
 Serves : 2

washed & cleaned "Vaali" in basket

  • This dish goes well with "dal-chawal" combination.
  • Do not add much water during cooking as the "Vaali" leaves its own water.
  • Do not cover the kadai/wok during cooking so as to retain the green color of the spinach.


  1. Wonderful and healthy recipe.. looks yummy !!
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  4. hi shobha,
    GREAT blog, some traditional recipes ...would love to see u more often :P
    I grow vaali at home, ambat and upkari is one our fav. at home. Your pics of stir fry look awesome.

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