Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Quick “Shevai” (Indian Rice Noodles)

“Shevai” is a much sought after delicacy (a breakfast dish) in southern India especially among the GSB community or the Konkani speaking people.

Traditionally, prepartion of this dish involves a lot of work like grinding (rice and coconut gratings), reducing this batter to semi-solid constituency, forming into balls, steaming them and finally putting them into the Shevai making unit or “Daante” as it is called in Konkani language. “Daante” requires two people to operate.  This long drawn process is what deters the modern housewife (me included) from attempting this tasty dish.

I am all for short cut methods with good results! If it can save time and tastes good too, why not ? !  This “Quick Shevai” method eliminates a lot of work and secondly, instead of Daante, I have used the the "Sev" making unit which can be operated singly. Try it out and see for yourself.

This dish is traditionally eaten hot or cold with a sprinkle of coconut oil on top along with  “Kochla  Nonche” or Mixed Veg Pickle. It is also eaten with “Humman” (potato, or Kook).

Sevai 15
Shevai and Potato Humman


Rice flour
1 cup
*Coconut milk + water
1 cup
As per taste
For greasing the plates

You will also need :
  • a “Sev” unit with "Sev" mould to prepare the Shevai.
  • Two well greased steel plates or  “thalis”
  • A steamer or a cooker (without the whistle)
  • A wooden spoon

Method :

  1. Place the rice flour in a bowl.
  2. Place the *coconut milk (3/4th cup) dilute it with (1/4th cup) water in a pan. Add salt and heat it on a medium flame and allow it to boil. As soon as it starts boiling, remove from flame and pour it in the bowl containing the rice flour. Immediately mix it with a wooden spoon (if you use your hand, you may scald it). The coconut milk will be absorbed instantly and you can then knead it into soft dough.
  3. Divide this dough into two portions and roughly shape it into a ball and place it into the “Sev” unit and press it or rotate it (depending upon the type of unit you are using) directly on to the greased plate and spread it evenly on to the plate.
  4. Repeat the same procedure for the other portion as well.
  5. Then steam them in a steamer or a cooker (as is done for “idlis”) for 10 mins.
  6. Serve hot. 

Sevai 5
Dough ready for making shevai

Sevai 10
Shevai making in the process

"Daante"- traditional Shevai-making unit

"Sev" making unit

Preparation time:    20 mins
Cooking time    :     10 mins
Serves              :      4


Shevai "Usli"
  • In this recipe, I have used the readily available Dabur’s “Hommade” coconut milk. 
  • Instead of coconut milk in the recipe, you can also use plain water and it still comes out well. 
  • The steel plates or “thalis” that I have used are 8-1/2 inches in diameter each which fits into my steamer.
  • If you are averse to coconut oil (a lot of people are) you can totally omit sprinkling it on top of the prepared “Shevai”.
  • From the left-over Shevai, you can prepare "Usli", a tasty breakfast dish.


  1. Surely a nice detour to the traditional way of making shavige(Kannada)...This looks absolutely delicious and perfect...In my place it is generally served with coconut oil,pickle and coconut milk mixed with some jaggery n cardamom...It tastes divine...

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