Thursday, August 1, 2013

Spicy Green Gram Idli (Sanna Khotto)

This spicy idli is not a breakfast dish. It is served as a side-dish with a teaspoon of coconut oil dribbled on top of the pieces. ( If you are averse to coconut oil, you can omit it. It still tastes great.)  We “Amchis” (Konkani speaking people) call it “Sanna Khotto” and we love our coconut oil on specific dishes (to name a few - Pathrado, Humman etc) and this is one of them. Traditionally, it is prepared with rice only or with rice and green gram and is steamed in cups stitched with leaves from jack-fruit tree and the cup prepared in this way, is known as “Khotto”.  This can also be steamed like normal idlis in greased idli cups.
I have omitted rice totally in this recipe and steamed it in a greased steel plate. It tasted wonderful.

Spicy Green gram idli 22


Green gram (Moong)
¾ cup
Coconut gratings
½ cup
Roasted red chilies
Tamarind pallet
Marble size
Asafetida (hing)
¼ tsp
As per taste
For smearing the plate


  1. Wash and soak the green gram for about 2-3 hours and then drain the water.
  2. Grind the soaked green gram along with coconut gratings, roasted red chilies, tamarind, asafetida and salt with very little water to a coarse (like semolina) paste.
  3. Grease a steel plate with oil and spread the ground mixture evenly in it and steam it in a pressure cooker (without the whistle) or in a steamer for about 35 - 40 mins or until done.
  4. When slightly cooled, cut it into squares.
  5. Serve hot.

Ingredients ground to a coarse paste

              Ground paste spread evenly on a greased steel plate

Steaming under process
Just removed from the steamer

Cut into square shapes when slightly cooled

Placed in a serving bowl

Makes: 16 pieces


  • Chopped onions can be added if desired to the ground mixture instead of asafetida.
  • Another variation is:  chopped spinach when added to the ground mixture also enhances its taste.


  1. This is new to me yet its tempting. Great flavors and nice idea for the green gram.

  2. This is new for me and looks delicious!

  3. I just love sanna khotto, sadly lack the confidence to make it. Seeing this type of steamer for the first time.
    Thanks for visiting me, I have now added the youtube link to the video please check and let me know if its working as this is the first time I tried embedding a video.
    Those squares look so yummy, I am going to give it a try. Is this the same masala used for patrado?

    1. Yes Sangeetha. The masala is the same as that used for Patrado. Try it out. If you like patrado, you will definitely like this.
      I will surely try the youtube link to the video.

  4. truly healthy n luking good..

  5. Tempting healthy idli...this is new to me..

  6. this is soo soo new to me, Shobha. thanks for sharing.

  7. Awesome recipe! The idea of using green grams is so cool!

  8. That's something new to me.. Healthy & an interesting recipe :)

  9. Wow! Will definitely try this.. Bookmarked it Shobha :-)

  10. Lovely!!! reminds me of dhokla once me and my grandpa made :)

  11. You made it look simple through the pictures :)