Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lemon Grass & Tea

Hi ! Folks, it has been brought to my notice and rightly so, that I seem to be concentrating only on the " Ladle" part of my blog and thereby neglecting the "Brush" and the "Spade" part. So, this time I thought of doing some spade work and bring a little garden into my blog ! Fortunately or unfortunately, my gardening is confined to a limited space in my balcony wherein I have managed to grow some herbs, flowering and some ornamental plants. I shall begin by wrting about the "medicinal grass" i.e. Lemon Grass.

Lemon Grass or "Taakaa Tana" as it is called in Konkani is a medicinal plant and generally used in making tea for its flavour and also as a remedy for cold and cough. Two years ago, I got a small plant of lemon grass  from our village in Udupi district. Since it had small roots, I planted it in a pot After about a month, a small shoot appeared. And now it has grown to a considerable height. It grows easily in a pot without much care. It does need sunlight though and care should be taken to see that water is drained well and not retained at the roots.

Lemon Grass 2
Lemon Grass growing in my balcony

I often make tea from its leaves. It is not only very aromatic and refreshing but has a whole lot of medicinal properties. From its leaves I also make what is known as "Kashai" or "Kaadaa" i.e. a remedy for cold and cough especially for children. The surface of these leaves are rough and the edges quite sharp so care should  be taken while cleaning and handling the leaves. Always clean the leaves from the broad end towards the pointed end and not vice versa as it can easily cut your skin.

In Thailand and in China, the bulb of lemon grass is used for cooking.

Lemon Grass tea
Lemon Grass tea

Here is the quick recipe for lemon grass tea :

Ingredients : 2 cups of water and  3-4 leaves of lemon grass cleaned & chopped.

Boil  water and add to it the cleaned and chopped lemon grass. Let it boil for about 2-3 minutes  (the colour of water will turn slightly greenish). Switch of the gas and leave it covered for a minute and then strain it. Drink it while its hot and do not add sugar.

Recently, I also read that it has anti-cancer properties.

I came across this site which I thought of sharing with you all.
Fresh lemon grass fields in Israel become Mecca for cancer patients.

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