Thursday, August 18, 2011

Monsoon in Goa

This trip to Goa was long pending and somehow or the other, it would get postponed. We finally managed to do this trip thanks to the long week end. The time spent at the beaches is really therapeutic and the monsoon season makes it adventurous too.

The scenenic splendour of Goa during the monsoon is simply dazzling. The lush green paddy fields, hills and the country side are a sight for sore eyes. The roads though narrow are smooth and devoid of pot-holes ! The palm fringed beaches with the spectacular sunrise and sunset are the main attraction. Goa is a sea-food lover's paradise and one should not forget to mention the locally brewed "Feni". For the non-vegetarians, Goa is a gourmet's delight. For the vegetarians (like me) the choice is limited. I tried a vegetarian xacuti (eaten with rice) at the Crown Goa (Harbour Cafe) which was very delicious and I hope to try this out in my kitchen !

Since Bangalore is in the interior of Karnataka, we are deprived of these heavenly beaches. So, we had our fill of these wonderful beaches not only in Goa but also in Karwar and Gokarn in coastal Karnataka on our way back.

I am sharing  a few photos of these wonderful beaches.

Colva Beach 2
Colva Beach - Dark clouds looming overhead

Aguada Beach 1
Aguada Beach - Sunny with a hint of dark clouds

Anjuna Beach, Goa 1
Anjuna Beach - Clouds obstructing the view of the sun

Sunset at Anjuna Beach 1
Sunset at Anjuna Beach when the clouds cleared for a few minutes
Cloudy sky - Anjuna Beach
Spectacular sky at Anjuna Beach
Karwar coast
 Karwar Coast, Karnataka - Lush Green
Om Beach, Gokarn
Om Beach, Gokarn- Karnataka - Sunny afternoon with the waves splashing

For a detailed Goa trip report, you may see it shortly on my daughter's blog -


  1. These pics are really mind blowing. How romantic and memorable will be the moments while staying there. So stay at Beach Resorts in Goa to relish these moments and romantic ambiance.

  2. Love the last picture. And went blog hopping to daughter and SIL's blogs too. Will be back. Thanks for coming over and commenting and leading me to your blog(s)

  3. loved all the beaches....and the karwar coast picture just reminds me of how one would draw hills, lakes and greenery with some fences on a drawing book....i felt refreshed seeing that picture

  4. your vrindavan series is not visible....

    1. Thanks Tejaneeka for pointing this out. I have now rectified the problem. You may now check out the Vrindavan Series. Looking forward to your feedback.