Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Last month when we returned home from our exceptionally long vacation, I was slightly upset on seeing the plight of my plants. This time especially, it was so bad, that I lost three plants.

This particular plant Amaryllis, (a type of lily) had all its leaves turned yellow. I didn't know whether it would survive. I was at my wits end. I trimmed all the yellow leaves, put some fresh soil and lightly watered it and after 15-20 days, lo behold! fresh green leaves started appearing and one fine day (after a month to be precise), I was quite excited to see a flower stalk coming out of the soil. From this single flower stalk, four buds will emerge and two of them will flower simultaneously followed by the other two in a matter of few days. This spectacular floral display is worth waiting for and a sight for sore eyes ! I was so relieved on seeing it come back to life that I decided to write about it and post those lovely display of floral colours before they disappear from my balcony.


To be frank, this plant is quite hardy, hence it has survived so many years in my balcony. It doesn't require much care but it does need sunlight (not direct) and regular watering, well-drained soil and once a month I add some bio-compost which I get from the nearby nursery. Ofcourse, regular pruning will greatly help in keeping the plant healthy. I grew this from a bulb which my spouse got from his factory some years back.

A single flower stalk 

This flower stalk on opening will reveal four flower buds

As you can see, two of the buds have bloomed and  displayed their spectacular beauty 

Aren't they gorgeous ?

All the four buds have bloomed - a spectacular display of vibrant colour and floral beauty

This picture was from my previous collection wherein two flower stalks of buds had sprung up.

From my earlier collection
This  too is from my earlier collection


  1. They do look lovely and even a single flower can add so much to the surroundings. I love seeing a leaf unfurl. And I can watch a tree for hours.

  2. Lovely clicks, the flowers look so beautiful..

  3. So pretty and love the vibrant colour. My plants are sorry state of affair now. Its the weather and now raining like crazy for the past few days.

  4. Beautiful click.. Flower looks awesome

  5. These are lovely pics of your beautiful Amaryllis.
    Gives me a real spring time feeling :)

  6. What a lovely flower and your photos definitely captures it beauty and elegance.

  7. great clicks and wonderful soothing flowers...

  8. Lovely clicks and this is one flower which has to be always at home in its season:)..Particularly the red amaryllis:)

  9. if we could...we would plant all lillies big and small in our tiny garden....loved these red ones...so vibrant and beautifully bloomed :-)