Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ginger Brinjal

Brinjal is also known as eggplant, aubergine, baingan etc. A brinjal by any other name would taste just the same you may say but certain variety especially the “Matti Gulla” variety is unique and the people from Udipi district will vouch for its taste. As the name suggests, it is grown in “Mattu” in Udupi district of Karnataka.

Generally, Brinjal is one of the most hated vegetables by children. However, I have observed that over the years we learn to appreciate the taste of this vegetable and the goodness as well as the health benefits. A variety of dishes can be prepared to suit the individual taste buds. This is one such dish that is easy to prepare, and also tastes good.

Ginger Brinjal


Brinjal (medium size)


Tomatoes (medium)


Ginger (fresh)

1” piece

For seasoning


1 tbsp


1 tsp

Cumin /Jeera seeds

1 tsp

Turmeric powder

¼ tsp

Chilly powder

½ tsp

Coriander powder

1 tsp

Cumin powder

¼ tsp


as per taste

For Garnish

Coriander leaves (chopped)

1 tbsp


  • Cut the brinjal into small pieces and cook it in water adding salt and turmeric.
  • Chop the tomatoes and ginger and keep aside.
  • Heat the oil in a pan and add to it mustard and cumin seeds.
  • When it starts spluttering, lower the heat and add all the powders.
  • Immediately, add the chopped ginger and tomatoes. Give it a good stir.
  • Next add the cooked brinjal. Stir well and let it simmer in the gravy for a few minutes.
  • Remove from flame.
  • Garnish with fresh chopped coriander leaves. Serve hot.

Serves: 3


Instead of fresh tomatoes you can also use tomato puree. Addition of drumsticks will enhance the taste of this dish.

It tastes good with Rice and dal or with chapattis.

For info on eggplant and Matti Gulla :,_Karnataka

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