Saturday, November 13, 2010

Churm Oondo

Churm Oondo ('Oondo" Konkani word for laddus) is a typical Konkani sweet and this is the second easiest sweet next to "Sheera" that we all learnt from our mothers as we were growing up. The making of these "Oondos" (i.e. binding the mixture in the palm of your hand to form a laddu) can be done at leisure while watching TV (which I generally do). The whole family can also join in for  making these "Oondos" . However, take care to see that the size is uniformly maintained ! Or else you will have a container filled with Mamma Laddu, Pappa Laddu and Baby Laddus! That is how I learnt to prepare them at a very young age during our school vacations. My brothers too would volunteer to help but they would mostly help out in eating instead of making them !!

"ChurmOondo" apart from being tasty and easy to prepare, the ingredients needed for preparing them, are generally readily available in most homes.

This is also the second item from my "Diwali Sweets" platter. The third being Chocolate Fudge; the recipe for which has already been posted earlier in my blog.

Churm Undo

Ingredients :

Wheat flour
2 cups
Besan (gram flour)
4 tbsps
Ghee (clarified butter)
4 tbsps
2 tbsps
Cashew nut bits
2 tbsps
Cardamom powder
1 tsp
Powdered sugar
11/2 cups


  1. Wash & fry the raisins and the cashew nuts bits in a little ghee.
  2. Pour the remaining ghee in  frying pan, add besan (gram flour) and stir constantly on a medium fire till it gives a nice flavour, but take care to see that it does not turn brown.
  3. Add the wheat flour and stir as before till the mixture becomes light brown in colour.
  4. Remove from flame and allow it to cool down.
  5. When it has cooled down, add powdered sugar, cardamom powder, fried raisins and nuts and mix well.
  6. Take some of this powder in the hollow of the palm, press gently and prepare oondos or laddus or balls.
  7. In this manner prepare all the laddus and store it in an airtight container.

Makes : 32 laddus

Note :
  • The amount of  ghee can be varied. However, if lesser quantity is used, then the laddus will crumble easily. If more ghee is used, then the laddus will be more firm. So the quantity of the ghee can be used according to ones' choice.
  • These last for a month when stored in an air-tight container.

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