Thursday, February 3, 2011

Raw Banana Peel curry

You have read it right and it is not a typing error. The dish made from the peels of raw banana turns out so   tasty and crunchy that after trying it out once, you will never ever throw away the peels !

Raw Banana PeelSo whenever you buy raw bananas, after washing it thoroughly, remove the peels (slightly thick) with the knife (not with the peeler). 

And, if you are not preparing this curry immediately, then place all the peels in a bowl containing little water, cover it and refrigerate it.  It will remain fresh & crisp (without turning black) for at least 3-4 days. You can prepare it later when you are ready.

Believe me, with this vegetable you can have two different curries – one made from the vegetable itself and the other made from its peels. Two for the price of one! Besides, its healthy too – full of fibre !

Raw Banana Peel curry 4
  Raw Banana Peel curry

Raw Banana Peels
 Raw Banana Peels in water

Raw Banana Peels cut into pieces
 Raw Banana Peels chopped finely & soaked in water


Peels of Raw Banana
from 3 bananas
Split Green gram (Moong Dal)
½ cup
Green chilies
1 medium
Garlic cloves
Curry leaves
3-4 sprigs
Fresh coconut gratings
½ cup
Turmeric powder
½ tsp
to taste
1 tbsp
about a cup for soaking


  1. Wash and cook the green gram dal in very little water and keep aside.
  2. Wash the bananas. Remove the peels (slighltly thick) using a knife as shown above.
  3. Chop the peels finely (using a knife and not a food processor) and soak them in a bowl of water to retain its crispiness and also to prevent it from turning black.
  4. Chop onions and curry leaves (discard the stems) finely and keep aside.
  5. Grind coconut gratings, chopped onions (use half of it), garlic, green chilies & salt to a chutney or paste. To this chutney add the chopped curry leaves.
  6. Add the paste with the curry leaves to the chopped peels in the bowl. Remove the excess water (if any). Mix it well and let the chopped peels marinate in the paste for about 15 mins.
  7. Then combine this mixture with the cooked green gram dal (moong dal) and keep aside.
  8. Heat the oil in a pan. Add the remaining chopped onions to it and sauté till it turns golden brown.
  9. Finally add the dal and peel mixture into the pan on a low flame and let it simmer for only 3-4 minutes. Do not overcook. Remove from flame.
  10. Serve hot.

  • This dish tastes good with chapattis.  It also goes well with rice and rasam or any “kadhis”.
  • The crunchy texture of the finely chopped peels gives it a unique taste.

P.S. I shall be taking a short break (about fifteen days) from blogging and will be back 
rejuvenated with more healthy and tasty  recipes.


  1. This is totally new to me...Looks yum

  2. Thats amazing to use the peels and make curry,i make pakoras with them,this sounds like a better option!

  3. sounds interesting.. never thought the peel also can be used to make a curry..