Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Muskmelon "hershalen" (dessert)

Musk melon is also known as cantaloupe. The Indian name for this fleshy fruit is
 “kharbuz”. In konkani language, this is known as “Chibbad”. However, I have found 
that the  ‘chibbad ‘ variety that is specially available in Karnataka is slightly
different in shape from the  kharbuz that is available elsewhere in India. 'Chibbad" is
elongated while the kharbuz is round in shape. Taste wise too I believe there is a
subtle difference (with my tongue I could not find much) ! People who have been
brought up on chibbad, since childhood probably would find the difference !

My mom used to prepare “hershalen” with this fruit. She used to prepare it by cutting the
melon into tiny cubes/ thin strips. Milk and sugar was then added to the melon pieces
sprinkled with cardamom powder and served chilled. It tasted very refreshing especially 
during the summer.

I have made this "harsahalen" with a slight twist. I have used the melon ball cutter 
instead of cutting them into cubes and made a milkshake with  the remaining melon.

In my earlier post, with  watermelon too, I have made use of this melon ball cutter
to make it more appealing !

 Musk Melon Harshalen (sweet dish)
 Muskmelon hershalen with a twist

Musk Melon /Kharbuz
1 small
11/2 – 2 cups
Sugar (powdered)
2-3 tbsps
Cardamom powder
1 tsp


  1. Wash the melon and cut it into half. Scoop out the pulp.
  2. With the help of melon ball cutter, scoop out as many balls as you can and place them in a bowl.
  3. Then peel off the outer skin of the melon and cut the remaining melon into chunks and place it in the blender. Now add milk and sugar and run the blender for 2 mins or until all the melon pieces have blended well into a smooth milk shake.
  4. It is now ready to be served.

Serves: 4

 Musk Melon 2
Muskmelon cut into half

  Musk Melon balls
Muskmelon ball scoops

Serving suggestion:

Place few melon balls in each of the 4 bowls. Pour the blended mixture over these balls.
and sprinkle cardamom powder on top and serve.

  • This dessert tastes better when chilled.
  • If the musk melon is sweet, you may omit the sugar or add them as per your taste.