Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Seekh Kabab (Vegetarian)

The word “seekh” means skewer and “kebab” means grilled. So “Seekh Kebab” means grilled on skewer.

I am sure most of you must have either heard or tasted Seekh Kabab at least ones (if not more) in your lifetime. They are generally made out of meat. However, this one is purely vegetarian.

I got this idea from watching one of the TV cookery shows. Though the exact measures of each ingredient were not shown, I noted the ingredients and tried it in my own measures. It tasted really fantastic - (tried it on my husband, daughter and my son-in-law and they were unanimous in their comments- they gave me the thumbs up!). By the way, they are the guinea pigs for my culinary experiments!) The only flaw, I experienced, was that the a few of the kababs fell off the skewer when it was nearly done!  So I have now tweaked it slightly by adding gram flour and the end result was really good and here it is for you all to see and try.

I thank my daughter for taking the trouble of getting me the Bamboo skewers.

 Seekh Kabab 10
 Vegetarian Seekh Kabab


Boiled mixed vegetables
1 cup
Boiled and mashed potato
1 medium
Panner  (cottage cheese) crumbled
About 125 gms.
As per taste
Garam Masala
1 tsp
Chily powder
½ tsp
Gram Flour (chick pea flour)
2 tbsps
Bamboo skewers
1 doz.
Seasonng ingredients:

1 tbsp
Panch Phoran (five seed ingredients-1 tsp each)
Mustard, Jeera , Methi, Saunf and Kalonji
Garlic (chopped)
3-4 cloves
Ginger  (grated or finely chopped)
½” pc
Green chilies (chopped)


  1. Heat oil in a pan. Add the “panch phoran” ingredients and when it starts spluttering, add garlic, ginger and green chillies. Fry it for a minute or two.
  2. Next add the boiled vegetables, mashed potatoes, and paneer. Saute it for a while.
  3. Then add gram flour. Sauté it for a while again and then add salt, chilly powder and garam masala powder. Mix well and stir for a few minutes and remove from flame. Keep aside to cool.
  4. When cooled, take a small quantity of this mixture and press it against the bamboo skewers and place it in an oven-toaster at 350 degrees centigrade. Place it across a baking tray without it touching the bottom of the tray. Brush a little oil on top of each kebab.  Roast it for about 5-7minutes or till golden brown.
  5. Follow the same procedure for the remaining mixture.
  6. Serve these hot with coriander-mint chutney. It tastes good with tomato ketchup too.

Makes: 12 Seekh Kababs

Seekh Kabab 2
 Ingredients for Veg Sheekh Kabab

Seekh Kabab 6
 Veg mixture - ready for pressing on to the skewers

Seekh Kabab 7
Seekh Kababs ready for roasting


  • For mixed vegetables, I used frozen green peas, carrot and cauliflower.
  • You can also keep the skewers on a greased baking tray to prevent it from sticking in which case you may have to keep a watch and turn it on other side too for even browning.
  • Panch-Phoren is a blend of five seeds namely : mustard, cumin (jeera), fenugreek (methi), fennel (saunf) and Nigella seeds (kalonji). 
  • You can adjust the temperature as per your oven.


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