Friday, June 29, 2012

Sprouted Moong (Green Gram) Usal (without the green husk)

I am sure you all are aware that sprouted green grams are full of protein and are good to include it in our daily diet.

Initially I used to consider it a pain to sprout the moong thinking that it is a long drawn process. Moreover, the process of separating the husks from the gram appears to be a daunting task. But it is not so. I actually found the process to be quite simple and not cumbersome at all. Of course, it does take more than a day to sprout (especially during cold seasons) and another day to remove the husks. So you will have to plan it accordingly. Or, the easiest way would be to get it from the supermarket! Now, Sprout makers are also available in the supermarket.

Please note, the husks need not be removed at all. You can prepare the “usal” skipping this procedure. Infact, the husks are a good source of fibre.

Frankly speaking, I have no idea why we remove the husks but we (Amchis) do, especially for making “Mooga Ghashi” – maybe for its aesthetics !

 Sprouted green gram Usal 29


Whole Moong (Green gram)
1 cup
Onion (Chopped)
1 large
Green chillies (chopped or slit)
Ginger (chopped)
1 inch piece
Garlic (chopped)
6-8 pods
As per taste
1 tsp
1 (Juice of  1 lime)
About half a cup
Seasoning ingredients:

1-2 tbsps
Mustard seeds
1 tsp
¼ tsp
Curry leaves
1 sprig
For Garnish:

Corriander leaves (chopped)
2 tbsps
Grated fresh coconut (optional)
2 tbsps
Grated carrots (optional)
1 tbsp

How to sprout the Moong/Green Gram

  • Wash and soak the moong/green gram in water overnight and the following morning drain the water completely and cover the vessel with a lid and keep it in a warm place for the moong to sprout.
  • By night of the same day (if it is summer season) the moong will have sprouted (small ones).  If not, keep it covered till it sprouts.
How to remove the green husk from the gram

  • Once it has sprouted, transfer the sprouts to a larger vessel and fill the vessel with water almost up to the brim. Cover it with a lid and keep it overnight.
  • Next morning, almost all the green husk (90% of it) will float on the surface of water.
  • Remove the green husks and drain away all the water and what remains is the white sprouted green gram with a few husks still clinging on to the gram.
  • Now you are ready to prepare the "Usal".

Sprouted green gram Usal 7
Sprouted Green Gram with the husks removed

Method for preparing the usal:

  1. Place a pan/wok on medium fire with the oil in it.
  2. When the oil is heated, season it with the seasoning ingredients (mustard seeds, hing and curry leaves).
  3. When the mustard seeds start spluttering, add in the green chilies, ginger and garlic. Fry for few minutes and then add the chopped onions.
  4. Cook till onions are translucent (soft) but not browned.
  5. Add the sprouted Moong, turmeric, salt and sugar. Add a little water, mix well and cover it and allow it to cook on low flame till the moongs are tender. This should take about 10-15 mins. Switch off the gas.
  6. Squeeze out the juice of one lime and garnish it with freshly grated coconut (optional) and chopped coriander leaves & finally grated carrots (optional) for decoration purpose.

"Usal" getting ready

Serves: 3-4 persons


  • This is a very tasty "usal" and goes well with phulkas, chapattis or parathas. It also tastes delicious with rice and rasam or dal too.
  • Once the moong has sprouted, it almost doubles in quantity.
  • I have omitted the freshly grated coconut in this recipe.
  • Fenugreek seeds can also be sprouted in the same manner and its "Usli" tastes delicious too.


  1. Healthy and delicious.I also make masala moong simmilar to this...mine is still in draft :)your looks very delicious..loved the idea and method of removing husk from whole moong!

  2. usal looks very healthy and delicious

  3. Great recipe. As a pukka Mumbaikar, I make this Moogachi Usal very often and we all love it. A little malwani masala does wonders for this recipe.

  4. Nutritious and super protein rich usal.

  5. I never understood why we remove the husk. These days I don't, and it does not look great in the gashi when the husk floats alongside! This usal/usli looks great.

  6. Very healthy dish, and thanks for sharing how to remove the skin from the sprouts, I thought you would have to squeeze it out by hand..

  7. nutritious, healthy and loved by all at home!
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