Saturday, March 9, 2013

Charmure Upkari (Spicy Puffed Rice)

I actually never thought that I would be writing about this simple, spicy and tasty, “no fuss”, no cooking and a typical “Amchi” snack – Charmure Upkari.   “Charmure” is the Konkani word for puffed rice and “Upkari” means a dry curry.

Hello friends, I got back (about ten days ago) after attending our annual “Teru” or Ratha-Utsav festival in Katapady, a small village in Udupi district. During the last day of the festival, a fair is generally held in the temple premises wherein various stalls are put up. Here, one gets to taste some authentic Konkani cuisine – Golli Bajje, Biscut Aambado, Charmure Upkari etc…. To tell you frankly, the taste of one such item that still lingers in my mouth is the humble “Charmure Upkari”. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am tasting this after a long time. So, here it is!

 Charmure Upkari  16

 Charmure Upkari  10


Charmuro / Puffed rice
2 cups
Coconut gratings
3-4 tbsps
Coconut oil
3-4 tsps
Chilly powder
½ tsp
Sambhar powder
1 tsp
Onions (chopped)
1 medium
Lemon juice  (optional)
1 tsp
Chopped coriander leaves
1 tbsp
Grated carrot (optional)
1-2 tbsp
As per taste

Method :

  1. In a large bowl, place the coconut gratings, chilly powder, sambhar powder, coconut oil, chopped onions, grated carrot, lime juice, salt  and Charmuro/Puffed rice.  Mix them well.
  2. Finally garnish with chopped coriander leaves.
  3. Serve immediately.

Prepartion time :  15-20 mins
Serves : 2


  • Charmuro/Puffed rice should be fresh and crisp. If it’s not crisp, roast it in a pan for a few minutes – it will turn crispy.
  • This is an evening snack.
  • You can use any oil of your choice. But coconut oil gives it that authentic “Amchi” taste.
  • Use of chilly powder and Sambhar powder can be adjusted according to one’s taste.


  1. This is indeed a healthy snack. And so easy to make. And tasty. I do add some roasted peanuts too.

  2. Love this kind of easy and incredible snacks,irresistible platter.

  3. hi shobha, yummy and looks very aromatic with those lovely spices

  4. Coool idea for munching but adding coconut was new for me.

  5. Thanks for this easy to make snack. Looking forward to many such dishes as evening snacks...

  6. Thanks so much for this recipe .... This recipe is perfact for unexpected guests . Quick, easy & tasty.

  7. I'm surely trying this :-) Yummm!!!

  8. My mother is from katapady and i definitely miss the amchi food found there..also soda shivrams gadbad .