Friday, March 28, 2014

Fruit Matto

Well friends, its more than two weeks since my last post wherein I had promised to try out the recipes I learned at the cookery demo.

I tried this Fruit Matto and I am glad to say that it was well received by my family members. The name has a “gujarati” touch to it. “Matto” or “Matta” in gujarati language means curds. So in short, this is a quick dessert made with fruits and curds. It is easy to prepare, healthy, tasty and a very refershing dessert for the summer season.

I also added dry fruits (walnuts, cashews, dates and raisins) to make it healthier and tastier. During the demo, she had used fruits such as grapes, bananas and pomogranate. I had bananas (small ones – elakki bananas), apples and oranges so, used these instead.

As for the curds I used the thick curds that is available in the super market. It saved me the trouble of hanging the curds in a muslin cloth for three hours!



Hung curds/Thick curds 400 gms
Powdered Sugar 1/3 cup or as per taste
Fresh mixed fruits (chopped) 1 - 3/4 cup
Mixed Dry fruits (chopped) 1/4 cup


  1. Place the thick/hung curds in a bowl.
  2. Add powdered sugar to it and mix well till the sugar is completely dissolved and the mixture is smooth.
  3. Add chopped mixed fruits and mix again and finally add the chopped dry fruits keeping aside a few pieces of the mixed fruits and dry fruits for garnishing before serving.
  4. Serve chilled.
Thick curds and sugar
Curds and powdered sugar mixed into a smooth paste
Fruits - being chopped
Dry fruits - chopped 

Chopped fruits (except oranges) and dry fruits added to the mixture
Lastly added orange pieces and raisins as garnish

Preparation time : 30 mins.
No cooking required
Serves : 3-4

  • I had thick curds in my refrigerator and used it to prepare this. In case you do not have thick curds at hand, then use the regular curd by putting it in a muslin cloth and hang it for about 3 hours till most of the water is drained out. Take care to see that it should not be so thick that it is devoid of any moisture.
  • While mixing fruits, take care to use only those fruits that do not leave its juices like oranges, sweet lime, water melon etc. In case, you have no option ( as in my case) then add these fruit pieces just before serving so that the dessert does not become watery.
  • I used a little less than half a cup of powdered sugar. You may use a little more as per your taste.
  • I also used raisins which I added towards the end.
  • If fruits such as apples and bananas are used then, squeeze a little lime juice over the cut fruits ( to avoid discolouration) and then add them into the mixture.


  1. Fantastic dessert to beat the heat.

  2. looks really yummy...perfect foe summers..

  3. looks so delicious... nice recipe, perfect for summer!!

  4. Looks too yummy.. & easy too.. Will surely try.

  5. This kind of dessert is what sounds perfect for this weather. Very healthy indeed.

  6. I didn't realize that it was matho when you posted the pic in the click happy.. I HEART this!!! This was a regular feature on Summer sundays lunch at home..

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  9. Whenever there are plenty of fruits around my husband makes this temple like panchamratham - cut the fruits, add some curd, jaggery, honey, raisins, nuts, .... and it is heaven. Matto seems similar and am sure tastes yummy

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  11. Sounds so yummy, very healthy!

  12. Yummy! Love this recipe.. Thanks for sharing it.. I am definitely making this tonight for my kids.. My kids love pomegranates and also kdd harvest's juice.. It is their current favourite. I think I can add this fruit to this.. It will taste great..Did you beat the curds for this?