Monday, May 24, 2010

Part II - Somnath Temple, Sunset & the Hailstorm

The visit to the temple was on our agenda but we had thought of visiting it early in the morning. But God had other plans for us ( and I firmly believe his plans always works the best). The bright afternoon suddenly turned into a cloudy one followed by lightening and thunder and then the hailstorm! It was such a beautiful sight. Like pearls dropping from the sky on the green lawn in front of the cottage where we were staying ( I was witnessing the hailstorm for the first time). I tried to capture the beauty of this scene and hope I have done justice to it.

The evening safari was cancelled due to the hailstorm and so as not waste our day we thought of visiting the temple when the weather cleared a bit.

We managed to see the Temple (cameras are not allowed inside). Its a beautiful structure. We were also rewarded with a spectacular sunset which I managed to capture. The scene was absolutely breath-taking.

Somnath 2
Front-view of the Somnath Temple

Somnath 3
Silhouette of the Somnath Temple

Sunset at Somnath
Somnath Temple with the sun setting in the background
This photo has been published today(May 25, 2010) in the Deccan Chronicle Bengaluru edition on page 21

Somnath - sunset 2
The sunset


The hailstorm - "Pearls " dropping from sky !

Gir Birding lodge - Hailstorm 2
Close-up of "the pearls" on the lawn!

watch out for the next post - Part III


  1. The sunset is just awesome as are the glossy pearls on the grass. Well done Shobha!!!


  2. Thanks ! Padmini. Keep visiting. Love to see your comments.

  3. The sunset is just fab.. and I like the rose and hail stones pics too!

  4. brilliant photography....all pictures....rather i accidentally came across your blog for one of your recipe charmura upkari and went on to surf through your festivals and travels. just liked the way you captured the pictures of temples, katpady teru, birds, hailstorm ....still to surf some more travel sites in you blog.