Sunday, May 30, 2010

Some Birds & Animals of Sasan Gir Forest

Frankly speaking, I consider myself reasonably good at taking pictures of those objects that do not move! Hence I surprised myself when I managed to take a few pictures ( two to be precise) of the resident birds in the gardens of the lodge where we stayed. This place where we stayed is a bird lover's paradise. There were so many of them - tiny ones and they are so very fidgety that its very difficult to focus on them. One has to have a lot of patience.

It was with great difficulty I managed to get these shots. Generally I get the picture of the trees rather than the bird itself! There is much scope for improvement and as they say – No pain no gain.

Gir Forest - Peacock4

Peacock - just finished his mating dance

Gir Forest - Lapwing 2
Lapwing - keeping her eggs warm

Gir Birding lodge - Paradise fly catcher
Paradise Fly catcher - in the gardens of the lodge

Gir Birding lodge - Oriental white eye
Oriental white eye - very tiny birds sighted in the gardens of the lodge

Gir Forest - Langur 1

Gir Forest - deers 1
male & female deers drinking water

Gir Forest - sambar
Sambar Deer

Gir Forest - nilgai


  1. Beautiful pictures Shobha - well done! Boy, you learn fast!!

  2. All images are beautiful!Thanks for sharing these...

  3. the flycatchers are really a beautiful photo.which is the lodge in the gir forest....

  4. Thanks Raghuvir. We stayed at "Gir Birding Lodge".