Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pride of Gujarat & Asia

Hi! Everybody! I am back ! No I did not run out of ideas for recipes !

We just returned from our vacation in Gujarat and Mumbai. I feel all refreshed and rejuvenated. We had a wonderful time at Sasan Gir Forest – the only home to Asiatic Lions. The safaris in Sasan Gir Forest in Gujarat were very rewarding. I got some good photographs (by my standards!) of the lion and the pride and other animals and birds too. I thought I will share them with you all.

Lioness crossing the road
The "Great Mom" crossing the road

The thrill of seeing a lion at such close quarters is very difficult to describe.

Lioness 3
Two's Company

Lioness 4

The Reunion!

Lioness 10


Lioness 11

The curious one

Happy Family
Happy Family

The AnxiousWait

Lioness 8
The cute one

For details of the trip report, you may visit my daughter’s blog ( Birds & Bees - on my web-page )

Watch out for the part II


  1. The threesome photo is just awesome. :-) All other are lovely too.

    I guess you have not set public settings for the first photo. It is not visible to us.

  2. Thanks Keshav for your comments and also pointing out the error.
    I have now rectified the same.

  3. Love the Happy Family and all the others too....